Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Past Events

So as a first post I'm going to cover a few of the past events that the Secular Society has done during it's first few months at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo.

The first event we held as a club was to have a booth at the Week Of Welcome (WOW) Block Party. WOW is a week long event at Cal Poly to welcome incoming freshmen to the school and the town. The thousands of freshmen are divided into small groups of about 15 based on what dorm they live in, and they are given tours of the campus and the city. Also, the groups may go to the movies or kayaking to get to know one another. It's a really good way to get to know the people you are going to be living with for 9 months. The Block Party is held on the last day of WOW and all the clubs on campus get to set up a booth on campus to advertise and recruit. Currently I'm having some problems locating the pictures of the Block Party but I'm working on it.

The next event we held was to go see Religulous together with the CP Brights. The movie was awesome. Click here for a review written by our very own Greg Perello. Below is the picture of everyone who came to the showing.

A few weeks went by and we decided to throw together a small event to try to spark some conversation. This involved a few of us getting together on one of the lawns on campus with a sign that read "Ask me about atheism." Sadly, the response was minimal. We got a few people to come up and ask us questions but we attribute the lack of questions to the fact that we had no candy to offer people. The best question we got was actually a statement. A girl came up to us and asked us what we thought about the afterlife. After we explained that we don't think there is an afterlife, she proceeded to describe her concept of heaven. She imagined that she would be able to see all her favorite concerts and famous people non-stop. It seemed like a really appealing idea and it got us talking about our favorite bands. We are going to try to do something like this every week from now on. Pictures coming soon.

The last event we have had so far was our Darwin Day celebration. We set up a table in the University Union (UU) and proselytized for Darwin. We had the table out there for three days and got some great conversation going. There is only one picture of us and it's really crappy since it was taken with a camera phone so I wont post it. We had a great time and can't wait for Darwin's next birthday.

This last one wasn't really an event, it was really just a social for the club. One of our members had a birthday that coincided with one of the meetings, so afterward a bunch of us went to In-N-Out to celebrate. Here is what we accomplished.....

The "Fast" Supper

The Fast Supper

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